What is Analytics? 

Analytics use Tools and Techniques to turn data into actionable insights


Analytics are not a luxury anymore!

The age of data democratization is upon us.  No business should be without data strategy. Have Lima Strategies design, implement and manage your data strategy and see the benefits.

     FastNo more decision delay waiting on data

     Flexible: View problems from many different angles

     Innovative: Discover solutions with creativity



The Story of Analytics

Many different companies and industires give "analytics" as a service or value add.  "Analytics" is the  process of of clarifying and improving decision making. So when a business says they "do analytics" it is important to know if they are digging through data and evaluating processes for actionable insights or just running reports of metrics, handing them over to clients, and cashing out. 

Our service tells our clients a story that informs. 


Discriptive & Diagnostic Analytics

The first goal in data analysis is to find out What Happened & Why it Happened. 

Predicitive Analytics

The next step in analysis is to discover what is likely going to be the result



Prescriptive analytics

And the last step is to determine what action to take to achive the desired result. 


But the process doesn't end there, it starts over!

That's where we come in!